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ABOUT Dog2Home

Dog2Home is primarily a national network of volunteer home checkers. We contact all owners who advertise their dogs free to a good home and offer them our FREE home check service for when they find someone interested in their dog. We also offer a Free Ad service on our website. Owners may advertise their dogs elsewhere or/and use our site to advertise their dog. Ads are FREE. Ads are also not time limited, so as long as you are still looking to rehome your dog, we will keep advertising him/her online. We advertise on Facebook and Twitter where hundreds of people get to see your advertisement.

Both services are totally free and cost you, the dog owner, nothing at all. It's simple! Just ask us to provide you with either a FREE home check, a FREE advertisement or both. Just email us using the 'Contact Us' link at the top of this page.  We cover all areas of England and Wales, and some areas of Scotland.


We don't judge - we are here to help - we are free!

Occasionally in life, we have to rehome a pet due to a change in circumstances beyond our control. And when we do, it's difficult to know if the new owner is going to care for our pet as much as we have. Illegal dog fighting has now become big business in the UK with dogs being stolen or obtained from free ad sites online to be used as bait dogs, where they are tied and muzzled and ripped to pieces by 2 fighting dogs, then discarded when dead or left to die in agony. Also puppy farms are churning out endless supplies of sickly pups for money. Unspayed or un-neutered dogs are taken to be used for breeding. Bred from twice a year and kept in terrible conditions with no veterinary checks until they are worn out and die or get dumped somewhere to fend for themselves. They could be found as strays and used as dog bait. Your dog is at risk of both of these things,  it's a terrible end to a faithful once loved pet's life.  When you have to rehome your pet, you need to know your pet is going to a good home. With Dog2Home you have peace of mind. We carry out home checks on prospective homes so you can be certain that your pet is going to be loved and cared for and will  end it's days in a genuine loving home.

As we keep on advertising your dog, if you have chosen to place him/her on our site, we don't stop advertising until a suitable safe home is found. So we do ask that you let us know if you have rehomed the dog yourself or if the dog is no longer available. It takes a lot of time and effort to advertise the dogs, so any that are already rehomed or no longer available that we don't know about takes up quite a bit of our time that could be spent advertising someone else's dog.

you could save your dogs life by using our free service!